The Polish Philosophy of Economics Network

Poland has an outstanding tradition both in economics and in philosophy, including philosophy of science, represented by prominent scholars like Oskar Lange and Leszek Nowak – both of whom had an interest in the philosophical and methodological issues in economics. It is only natural that new generations of Polish scholars now join the growing international stream and start contributing to the field of philosophy of economics (Uskali Mäki, "Metaekonomia").

Since 2014 the Polish Philosophy of Economics Network has been bringing together economists and scholars from the humanities and social sciences. We share a common interest in philosophical reflection about economics. We find intellectual reflection particularly important to the methods of economic research, as well as to economists’ value judgments. We endeavour to enhance the such reflection by means of:

1. Integrating the scholarly communities

The integration of these communities is especially helped by regular seminars. These are held under the ‘On economics, philosophically’ series. Information sharing among the PPEN members is enabled by a discussion group, and by PPEN’s periodic newsletter. PPEN makes integration of international research communities possible also through cooperation with the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (ENPOSS) and the Philosophy-Economics Network.

2. Coordination of research

PPEN connects academic and expert centres whose members hold various ontological assumptions, methodological perspectives and axiological positions on economics. The Kraków centre focuses particularly on ethics and methodology of economics. Researchers in Warsaw are interested in the ontology and methodology of economics, Poznan investigates issues of methodology of cultural studies, and its application in economics. Finally, Wroclaw studies constructivism and the rhetoric of economics.

The pluralism of the PPEN has been expressed in the publication of the book, Metaekonomia. Zagadnienia z filozofii ekonomii (Metaeconomics: Issues in philosophy of economics). It was awarded first prize for the best economics textbook by the Polish Economic Society. Two special issues of ‘Studia Metodologiczne’ (Methodological Studies) were published, dedicated to the philosophical and methodological reflection on economics as well as the culture of modelling in various sciences. Philosophy of economics was also the major topic of three issues of another journal, ‘Studia Ekonomiczne’ (Economic Studies). PPEN co-organises a series of events together with domestic and foreign research and expert centres. Under the auspices of the Polish Economic Institute it organised a seminar series, “Eksperci i ekspertyzy. Ujęcie interdyscyplinarne” (Experts and experise: an interdisciplinary approach) and an international workshop, ‘The Culture of Economic Expertise’.

3. Promotion of issues in philosophy of economics

The PPEN website is the main promotional channel for the philosophy of economics. It contains books, peer-reviewed articles, and working papers by PPNE members. Additionally, it contains popular scientific texts, interviews, and video materials. PPEN also publishes information on its current initiatives on all relevant social media. PPEN co-organises a metaeconomics essay contest for university students and PhD candidates in philosophy and economic sciences.

4. Initiation of research projects

Collaboration under PPEN helps initiate research projects, e.g. the grant funded by the National Program for Development of Humanities for a project titled ‘Integrated humanities as research heuristics: A study of the culture of economic modelling’. The project is being conducted by J. Boruszewski, Ł. Hardt, R. Mróz, and K. Nowak-Posadzy. More grant applications are being prepared. Less formalised research projects conducted by the PPEN are also of great significance as they result in joint publications.

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