Cost effectiveness

and a fair chance of treatment

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made many people realize not only how valuable human life is, but also how important it is to have a chance for effective treatment when we are sick. Faced with limited resources, policymakers must decide what medical procedures will be implemented and who will benefit first. Therefore, we decided to dedicate the next webinar of the Polish Philosophy of Economics Network to one of the most fundamental trade-offs that any public health policy has to take into account – efficiency versus fairness.

The introductory speech entitled Cost effectiveness and a fair chance of treatment will be given by Daniel M. Hausman, Research Professor in the Center for Population-Level Bioethics at Rutgers University. One of his most recent books is Valuing Health: Well-being, Freedom, and Suffering (2015).


  • prof. Andrzej Fal (Polish Society of Public Health)

  • dr Agnieszka Wincewicz-Price (Polish Economic Institute)

Moderated by dr Tomasz Kwarciński (Cracow University of Economics)

The webinar will take place on Friday, April 9, 2021, at 5 p.m. (UTC+2) on the Zoom platform. A link to the meeting is available here: